1. Fagen arrives in the Philippines

The 24th formed up by company on the long wooden dock, each man carrying his own gear, an unaccustomed and unwelcome load after six weeks at sea. White officers hurried up and down shouting orders, sergeants did their best to obey. Hot and exhausted from the voyage, the men of the 24th waited alongside hundreds of others, the midday sun a burning copper disk overhead and a constant reminder they were deep in the tropics.

Ellis's blouse encrusted with sweat salt, he showed no other effects of his long struggle with mal-de-mer, and he shivered with excitement. "This is my first time to set foot on foreign soil, Davey." he said grinning.

Fagen gripped his cousin's big shoulder. "It's like a dream for me too, Ellis."

"Aunt Eunice would be proud if she could see you now."

"She'd be proud of both of us." Fagen scanned the hills that ringed the city. "I've waited a long time for this, Ellis. Uncle Sam has given us the call to serve, and we've answered it. We're in Mr. Lincoln's army, and we're here to fight for Old Glory!"

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1. Fagen arrives in the Philippines

2. White soldiers bring their prejudice with them

3. Fagen hears another side of the story

4. Dinner with Colonel Funston

5. Fagen's first taste of combat

6. Fagen meets Clarita

7. More than fair?

8. The water cure

9. Fagen gets his fortune told

10. Imperialism exposed

11. Sergeant Rivers speaks his mind

12. Genocide

13. Fagen meets El Presidente

14. Bad news comes to Fagen

15. Fate takes over

16. San Lazaro leper hospital

17. An offer Fagen can't refuse

18. Funston makes a plan

19. "Capitan" Fagen

20. Funston assembles his team

21. Morality, ethics and war

22. Jungle encounter

23. Commencement

24. Benevolent assimilation

25. Colonel Bloody Shirt pays a call

26. Fagen declares war on God

27. Major Baston tastes his own medicine

28. Funston on the march

29. Fagen goes home