Click on the following titles to read selected excerpts from Cousins of Color.
1. Fagen arrives in the Philippines 16. San Lazaro leper hospital
2. White soldiers bring their prejudice with them 17. An offer Fagen can't refuse
3. Fagen hears another side of the story 18. Funston makes a plan
4. Dinner with Colonel Funston 19. "Capitan" Fagen
5. Fagen's first taste of combat 20. Funston assembles his team
6. Fagen meets Clarita 21. Morality, ethics and war
7. More than fair? 22. Jungle encounter
8. The water cure 23. Commencement
9. Fagen gets his fortune told 24. Benevolent assimilation
10. Imperialism exposed 25. Colonel Bloody Shirt pays a call
11. Sergeant Rivers speaks his mind 26. Fagen declares war on God
12. Genocide 27. Major Baston tastes his own medicine
13. Fagen meets El Presidente 28. Funston on the march
14. Bad news comes to Fagen 29. Fagen goes home
15. Fate takes over